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ABO incompatibility

ABO incompatibility:

ABO incompatibility We study blood groups, so blood groups are basic, so in our body, red blood cells are present in our blood. Many antigens are present on the surface of red blood cells, which are made of proteins, so what do these antigens do? Blood group So these antigens are inherite, that means they come from our family and we get them from our parents. These antigens determine the blood group of an individual. The blood group tells the individual which type of antigen.

There is an antigen on his red blood cell, so he doesn’t make antibodies against that antigen. He makes antibodies to the opposite antigen. If he doesn’t, he makes antibodies to his own antigen. If it is made, what will happen is that the anti-ager antibody reaction will occur in the body and hemolysis will occur. Those cells will die and their destruction will occur.

Next F Individual Transfuses Blood of Same A Group

If an individual is transfused with a plate of same blood group, it means to give blood, that is, if the same blood group will be given. If CM antigen is present on both the red blood cells, the immune system will be given blood of type A, then the person with blood group A will not immediately consider the blood group of the second victim. will do because both have the same antigen, so both are not making antibodies for each other, but if different blood types are given to him, which is the first vector, if you believe that he has A blood group and gave him B blood.

ABO incompatibility

it makes antibodies for the other but not for itself. What happens when a transfusion reaction occurs and simulose occurs Ten of the 10 Bases of a Transfusion Reaction to Blood Typical What does it mean When does a transfusion reaction occur when the donor who is donating the blood and the CPN who is donating the blood What if both of them are compatible means if they belong to different group then what will happen the transfusion reaction?

Let me tell you that there are many:

Integers on the surface of red blood cells and there are many blood systems, but what is important in practice is ABO and the Racer system is the most important, so we will study them. So next time we will read about ABO compatibility. ABO compatibility means that the four types of blood groups can donate blood to whom and receive blood from whom, so they are compatible ABO incompatibility with each other. And with whom are they compatible, then we will study it. Let’s study first, talk about blood group A.

Blood group A:

I am indigenous A and for whom does he make antibodies for D so to whom can he donate blood as donor compatible A and AB so he can donate to blood group A blood and blood and blood group A B can also donate, why can A now because it has antigen A and it also makes antibodies, so A can donate it to A, it will donate to A, so there is no antibody.

It will be for the antigen that can donate it can now catalyze the AB because the AB has both antigens and they don’t make any antibodies to the same antigen so it can donate a how now in Who is compatible with B and with O because the one who is B makes antibody A. If A is given to someone with B blood proof and A plus is given, the antibodies against it are already. So she will react with it and make a transfusion reaction. Similarly, in O blood group, anti-bola A is formed. ABO incompatibility And the transfusion reaction will be post. Ez CB and now who is a blood group, whose blood can he receive? And it does not make antibodies A,

ABO incompatibility:

so if the blood of A is transfus into A, then no antibodies are formeD, then it will be OK.

Blood group AB has both antigens:

Present and the antibody is not for any of them. There are no antibodies in AB. Antibodies against A and B are present. All three make antibodies that will react and post transfusion reaction Compatible Groups Universal Receptor Now this is universal Secret is Q because it doesn’t make any antibodies neither A nor anti-good B If it is made in whose blood group it will be donate, it will be donate to whose blood group it will be receive. If it is AB blood group, whose blood group it will receive, then it does not make antibodies against anyone.

That is why. Transfusion reaction will not happen and it is called CPN from Universal, well, what niversal Receptor or Universal Donor in general blood groups, this is a fault because we never trust them because many antigens are present. In the surface area of the bloods, considering the male C antigen, we cannot say CPN or Donut, so it is very important that before transfusing, we should cross-match both the blood and transuse all of them.

Blood group O

Blood group neither makes A antigen nor P, so it makes anti-antibodies against both, anti-AB antibody, B, so who can donate it to all three four blood groups by donating it. It may be called a universal donor because it has no antigens and no antigens when it is donate to any blood group or blood group. Therefore no blood group will make antibodies against it and as seen compatible one but who can receive it why only O can do it because if any AB or AB any blood group it If receive, he has antibody AB and antibody B too, blood me will react with it and pose a transfusion reaction.

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